The Welcoming Church


United Lutheran Church
110 Edgewood Road
Crockett, VA  24323

     We are an extended family of conservative Christians who joyously worship God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) every Sunday at 9:45 am.  You are invited to join us as we move closer to our God and walk with Him.       
      We pray together, praise God together, confess the Triune God together, learn together, and partake of the Sacraments together (Holy Communion and Holy Baptism).


     We teach Christian ethics (Ten Commandments) and how they apply to our lives. We teach the story of salvation through Jesus Christ to our children (and adults).



     We recognize our need to put on the “Whole Armor of God” to resist and survive secular attacks on the Christian ethic and lifestyle as revealed in the Holy Bible.
      We strive to be an example to the world of how God affects our lives.



     We extend Christian support to our community and the world as we follow the command to teach all nations the Good News of God’s Salvation through Jesus Christ.



     We confess the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed.
     We accept the Holy Bible as the revealed word of God that guides our life and faith.
     We accept the teachings in the Book of Concord which includes Luther’s Catechism (both large and small) and the Augsburg Confession.
      We are confident that even non-Lutherans will find that all these documents are based on God's Holy Word (the Bible) and reflect what has been taught in the Christian Church for 2000 years.
       Please join us in worshiping the God of Hope, Promise and Life!

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