Rosenbaum's Chapel at Crockett's Depot -1875

      When the railroad located a depot in the area between Mount Airy Depot and Wytheville in 1873, the community for some time thereafter was called Crockett's Depot, and is known today simply as Crockett. The depot soon became a central point for shipping farm produce out of the area. The biggest product shipped was the cabbage crop which had become a growing industry by that time. Soon a kraut factory was erected near the railroad, as was a lumber mill later on. As with the locations of other depots, a residential community grew up around the railroad center in Crockett. Members from Zion and St. Paul congregations who lived in, or had moved to that area, began to sense the need for a Lutheran presence there. James A. Brown, who was pastor of the Central Charge, gathered around him a group of interested Lutherans for worship and study. This new group grew rather modestly, but in 1875, Brown was successful in organizing a congregation at Crockett's Depot. That same year a building program was started and land was secured on an elevation above the depot. A substantial frame building, which measured thirty by forty feet, with a belfry, was erected in 1875 at a cost of $1,260 of which only $300 remained to be paid when it was completed. An effort was made to raise this amount, and subscriptions were received amounting to $350, thus liquidating the entire debt. The church was constructed on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenbaum, who also made a large financial contribution to the project. In honor of this family, the new congregation was named Rosenbaum's Chapel.

   (11.3)   Rosenbaum's Chapel, Crockett         (11.4)  Crockett's  Depot

      On Reformation Day, October 31, 1875, the church "was dedicated to the service of the Triune God." Participants in the service included: the Rev. J. B. Greiner, the Rev. J. J. Scherer, the Rev. J. A. Brown, and the Rev. J. C. Repass. The sermon was presented by Dr. F. W. Conrad, editor of the Lutheran Observer. This report was recorded in the church records:

      The sacrament of the Lord 's Supper was administered after the discourse and a large number partook thereof. The church was filled to its utmost capacity and many who failed tofina standing room in the aisles were compelled to remain outside. Reverend A. Phillippi oj Wytheville was also present and participated in the Communion Service of the occasion. The religious exercises were commenced Saturday in connection with the meeting of a conference of the Synod of Southwestern Virginia. The Rev. J. J. Scherer preached in the morning ana Dr. Conrad occupied the pulpit on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Large and interesting audiences were in attendance at every service and a general interest was manifested in the new church and its dedication.

     Another report provided the following statement about the new organized Rosenbaum's Chapel:

      "Reverend Brown, residing seven miles distance, expects to preach the gospel to the people regularly.  A church edifice was greatly needed here, and we want to congratulate Rev. Brown and in and around Crocken upon their success in erecting and paying for it. We trust that the most sanguine expectations may be realized in regard to its usefulness. "

     From the beginning Rosenbaum Chapel was placed in a parish alignment with Zion and St. Peter congregations as the Cripple Creek Parish. Later Lebanon Lutheran Church on Route 11 west of Wytheville, St. Andrew in Speedwell and Bethany church in the Henley Community
became a part of the parish.

Above from Beside the Still Waters 1998 author, Roger S. Kluttz pp. 221-222

Pastors, Rosenbaum Chapel - 1875

James Andrew Brown        1875-1882

John Christopher Repas    1884-1894
David Spangler Fox           1895-1898
Clarence M. Fox                1899-1902
Keller Yonce Umberger      1902-1906
David Spangler Fox           1906-1915
Keller Yonce Umberger      1915-1917
Aaron F. Tobler                  1918-1925
Francis M. Harr                  1925-1929
Marion David Huddle         1930-1938
William V. McCray             1939-1942
Rudolph F. Ludwig             1942-1945
Aaron F. Tobler                  1945-1956
Aaron F. Tobler (S)             1956-1961
Raymond L. Booze              1961 -1963
HenningB. Pearson              1972-1974

(*In 1974 Rosenbaum Chapel merged with St.
Peter's and Bethany to form United Lutheran)


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