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     In its early history all Lutheran congregations in Wythe County had been established in the eighteenth century. A plateau had been reached and the German congregations organized prior to 1800 were entrenched and satisfied. When Jacob Scherer arrived in 1827, he brought with him a new missionary zeal and spirit. He became aware of the places where Germans had gathered but no congregation was there to serve them. During the course of his work in Wythe County, three additional congregations were established and deserve mention here.

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(7.4) St Peter's Lutheran Church on Cripple Creek: church homecoming 1906. (Photo courtesy of Peggy Cline)

St Peter's Lutheran Church   1830

     One of Jacob Scherer's early efforts resulted in the organization of St. Peter's Lutheran Church on Cripple Creek in 1830. Some of the members of Zion Church, living east of the church, expressed the desire to have a congregation closer to where they lived. Pastor Scherer petitioned the North Carolina Synod for a new congregation on Cripple Creek and the request was readily approved.

     The congregation, which adopted the name of St. Peter's Lutheran Church, was organized in 1830. The land on which the church was erected was a gift from Adam and Susanna (Spraker) Rosenbaum. The church structure, which was built several years later boasted of an elevated pulpit in front of the nave and a gallery in the back.

     The last meeting of the North Carolina Synod to be held in Virginia convened at St. Peter's Church in 1841, just one year prior to the organization of the Synod of Southwestern Virginia. Jacob Scherer served the new congregation for ten years, after which he was followed by his son, Gideon Scherer, who served for two years.
Several years after returning from Seminary, the Reverend James A. Brown, became the pastor of St. Peter's and served there for a number of years, off and on, until 1882.

     St. Peter's Church continued with a slow growth and was instrumental in organizing and providing the charter members for Bethany Church in 1904. St. Peter's continued its existence until it merged with Bethany Church and Rosenbaum's Chapel into a united congregation in 1974.

Above from "Beside the Still Waters", 1998, pp. 139-140 Author, Roger S. Kluttz


Pastors and Interns  St. Peter's Church -1830

           Jacob Scherer                1830-1841
           Gideon Scherer              1841-1842
           Elijah Hawkins               1842-1844
           James Andrew Brown     1846-1865
           Edward H. McDonald     1866-1868
           James Andrew Brown      1868-1882
           John C. Repass                1884-1894
           David Spangler Fox          1895-1898
           Clarence M. Fox              1899-1902
           Keller Yonce Umberger    1902-1906
           David Spangler Fox          1906-1915
           Keller Yonce Umberger    1915-1917
           Aaron F. Tobler                1918-1925
           Francis M. Harr                1925-1929
           Marion David Huddle       1930-1938
           William V. McCray           1939-1942
           Rudolph F. Ludwig           1942-1945
           Aaron F. Tobler                1945-1956
           Aaron F. Tober (Supply)   1956-1965
           Raymond L. Booze           1961 -1963
           Homing B. Pearson           1972-1974

(In 1974 St. Peter's merged with Bethany and Rosenbaum Chapel to form United Lutheran )


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