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Rev. Steve Dew
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Cell - (276) 685-1104

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                                        June 2011

From the Pastor

        We are so blessed as a church Family!

        We have been able to help others in need, whether a person or two who has trouble with a utility bill or rent payment, or a community (or two or three: like Pulaski and Glade Springs and Trammel).

        We Just celebrated a Holy Baptism and welcomed a new member (Landon) into the family of God.

        We will soon celebrate an Affirmation of Baptism, also known as Catechism (Confirmation) classes.

        We have heard of some others who are interested in participating in Catechism classes.

        As we approach the transition from one church season to another -- from Easter through Ascension and into Pentecost -- let us continue to march forward together...trying our best to obey Jesus' two Great Commandments: to love God with everything we have: all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love one another as Christ loved us.

      Be Blessed!

      Pastor Steve


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